I am a law graduate of the University of Leicester and I have completed the LPC from the Nottingham Law School. I must say that I did enjoy academia or more honestly I enjoyed the student life- mostly student discounts. I am on the verge of being thrust out into the real world- the job market or some would call it the employment jungle and like other students in my position, I am looking forward to it but there are niggling and serious questions at the back of my mind.

I ask myself whether I would get chosen over all the other thousands of job applicants, whom may have great intelligence, shining personality, skills and experience. I ask again why anyone would hire me. Am I special enough and do I belong?

But then I decided to ask myself why not me? Why not employ me. My focus at the moment is to be the best I can be- after all the job market is exactly that; a market and the buyers (employers) certainly want to get their money’s worth. To be the best requires hard work, focus, resourcefulness and a whole host of other qualities.

To distinguish myself from all those other applicants- I have to recognise my skills, hone them, gather new skills and bag as much experience as I can. One of the ways to do this I have realised is to put myself in different settings, work wise and education wise. Simple right? Nope.  It never is but my mother always told me good things never come easy.

Ergo, I have always balanced university studies, with a good dose of challenging work outside university and I enjoy being involved. If there is one thing I know is that I have a need to be creative, functional and competent. I have a desire to explore ideas and express them.

What is new for me is this blog – which is going to help me document projects I will embark on and the experiences I have. It would give me a platform to write about legal and other topics that interest me.  It will enable me to share my experiences and draw on them.  After all, what good are my past experiences when I cannot recall, learn from and share them?