Legal Practice Course (LPC) and Nottingham Law School (Nottingham Trent University)

ImageAre you interested in the Legal Practice Course better known as the LPC? Or simply considering it? Well you have come to the right place for information. I completed the LPC June 2012 at Nottingham Law School.  I will provide general information about the LPC that will be relevant regardless of the university you choose to undertake the course.

Legal Practice Course

From my experience, the first week of the LPC was a massive shock to me. No- the first half of the LPC was a shock.  It was extremely demanding-more demanding than the LLB had ever been.  It felt like there were tonnes of assignments to submit, deadlines looming simultaneously, constant tutorial prep and lectures.  I witnessed a student burst into tears after complaining to the tutor that she was under too much pressure. I must admit, I even contemplated going part-time but I am glad I did not.

Structure of the LPC

From mid-September to end of January, you would do the core modules of the LPC. They are Property Law and Practice, Business and Litigation (divided into Civil and Criminal).  You also have to do the skills modules which are Advocacy, Writing, Drafting and Research.  The other two you would have to do are Solicitors Accounts and Wills and Administration of Estates.  All these modules are compulsory and at Nottingham Law School there are all done in the first half of the LPC.  You will have examinations on all of them.  However for the non-core modules you simply need to pass them and they will not count towards you final grade average.

During the second half of the LPC- from March to June, you will do 3 electives depending on the area of law you want to practice. I chose Advanced Commercial Litigation, Debt Finance and Banking and Private Acquisitions.

This is how it is graded: 0-49% is a FAIL, you would have to repeat any module you fail, 50%-59% is a PASS, 60%-69% is a COMMENDATION and 70% and above is a DISTINCTION.

The learning is organised in the following way:

  • lectures (and they occurred everyday more than once)
  • Small Group Sessions (SGSs)- kind of like tutorials but instead of having 2 every week you will have at least 2 every day  and you will have to prepare for them as they are interactive session.


Exams are completely different from the exams you know. They are very practical. I do not think the exams are hard, it simply requires a lot of preparation. Some universities offer an open book exam. Nottingham Law School does not and this is a good thing. Most student waste a lot of their time flipping through material in open book exams and end up not completing the exam.

Nottingham Law School Review

Overall, I am happy that I choose Nottingham Law School. I managed to get really good results for most of my modules I managed 4 distinctions and I have not failed a single module. Therefore I cannot complain.

The teaching standard is good. Although you would have the odd tutor that rambles on and I have nodded off in a few of the lectures- have no fear all the lectures are recorded. On average, the lecturers are very good and have practical experience in the areas they teach. During SGSs, the tutors are very through and always willing to help out. In fact all the tutors I have come across are not only nice but very helpful.

The school also provides you with all the material you need, that is the books and hand-outs. The school facilities are just “ok”. The rooms we had the SGSs were brand new and some of the lecture rooms were new. There is a resource room/library just for LPC and BPTC students and it is open till 8.30 pm. The only negative thing have to say about Nottingham law school is that the Boots library is not satisfactory in my view and secondly you would have to leave the University’s general area to find a cashpoint and this is not convenient.

If you need any more information or simply need more detailed information about the course or particular modules do not hesitate to contact me.

Look out for my next Post: The LPC, is it worth it?


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